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In the spring of 2019, together with my school friend Marnix, I started with the creation of a character based on the region in the Netherlands we are both from; Westfriesland. The region is known for its stiff, stubborn, not a word too much, and concealed character. We named this character ‘Martin Malibu’. Martin is a parody on romanticising provincial life, and the pain and burdens of the troubled provincial artist. Martin’s life is dominated by his dream of becoming a singer, following in the footsteps of world famous Westfrisian singer George Baker.


In the process of making this character I noticed how my friend Marnix slowly started to behave like Martin. He started to wear the same clothes, say the same things and act the same way as Martin. This made me curious to research this further. I started to approach the character in a more documentary way to slowly introduce him from his fictional world into the real world. The more I was doing this, the less I had to direct it. With all its consequences, Marnix started morphing into Martin.


A project that started as a film about a fictional character, ended in a documentary about how this fictional character took over a real person.


Directed by Linus Kropp

Written and produced by Linus Kropp & Marnix Vinkenborg

Music by Marnix Vinkenborg

Cinematography by Io Sivertsen & Linus Kropp



Martin Malibu: Marnix Vinkenborg

Lidia: Luca Bryssinck

Dancer: Lexi L'allume

Man: Hans Otjes



First AD: Rowan Groes

Production assistant: Molly Baas

Sound engineer: Joris van Suijdam

Translation: Daan Folkeringa

Runner: Robert Vinkenborg


Edited by Linus Kropp

Special thanks to:

Muziekcafé Backstage, Hoorn

Huis Verloren, Hoorn

Museumstoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik

Ouderen ontmoetingsplaats De Krent, Hoorn

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