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How are you actually feeling?


Forgot what your greater purpose is?

Confused about the essence of your existence?

Wondering why there is something rather than nothing? 


Yes, things can be complicated sometimes, but Moos might have a solution for you!

Moos is 17-years old, somewhere halfway puberty and adolescence. He lives in a rather

boring town, somewhere in between the big city and the rural country side. In the midst of his late teenage existential life crisis Moos has the urge for a reset. Inspired by the incredible story of Tony Cicoria, a man, who became a pianist and composer after being struck by lightning, Moos is convinced he found a way and is keen on sharing this with you!


This is a self-help project guiding you to your flash moment of insight. Your life changing event, solving all your problems in the blink of an eye.

Installation/video by Linus Kropp | starring Moos Stout

|Voice-over by Rory Tol | Music by Tony Cicoria | Sound by Linus Kropp 


Made for the exhibition 'A series of contradictions', 24-27 January 2019

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